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Why Law First Finance?

Signing Contract

Next Day Filing

The contract is sent from your hands directly to the courthouse in just one day by the account manager in charge of filing your transaction

On the Phone

No Need to Wait for a Representative to Call you Back

As a client, you will receive a case number and a link that will grant you access to all the information pertaining your transaction, such as filing date, counsel, case judge, and the hearing date


Earliest Possible Court Date Guaranteed

Filing your transaction in just one day makes the hearing date come sooner rather than later

Meeting with a Lawyer

No Exclusive Counsel for Faster Processing

If the head attorney is not present to make the hearing date, we will make sure to refer to another attorney. It is in our best interest to make sure your case gets an early hearing date and is well represented by a knowledgeable attorney for the transaction to get processed quickly 

Modern Office Building

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